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First impressions are essential for attracting potential buyers, especially when buyers are flicking through online listings or looking at promotional materials. You want to motivate people to come and view the property.

The best use for Virtual Staging is for:

  • Demonstrating the potential of vacant properties .

  • Showing a house with furniture will heighten its appeal to buyers.

  • A great addition to marketing material by using staged images online or in brochures to provide   great before and after examples.

  • It provides buyers inspiration to see what they can do with the property.

"Real Life" staging a home for sale can be costly, ranging anywhere from $1,000 - $3,000 per month.


Virtual or Digital Staging can provide some quality results. Using 3rd party stagers can cost the Realtor anywhere from $40 - $80 per photo.

Since I am doing the photography, I will know how to best position the image to maximize the effectiveness of the virtual staging. Additionally, my charge for the staged photos is $35 per image. A substantial savings compared to other options.

Staged 1.jpg
Staged 2.jpg
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