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Besides those we love, our family, friends, beloved pets, what do we value most?

By and large, the answer is memories.


Our memories link directly to our lives, a way to keep near what is present and to embrace again what is past. As we look around where we live and work, the spaces we experience every day, the places of honor in our homes, what do we find?

Photographs - the memories of all we hold cherished made distinct and eternal by the photographer.

A portrait of the equine we hold a special connection with deserves a position of prominence in the photographic pages of our lives—to consider with gratitude today and remembrance tomorrow, a place for us to visit as well as for the generations that follow. If you’re considering equine photography, thank you for considering me. And read on for more information

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Derringer and Abigail (14).jpg

The eyes of a horse mirror more than the beauty, grace, and strength of a magnificent animal. Equine eyes are a reflection of our own nature and the unique synergy between horse and rider, deep and abiding, a singular relationship. Magical.


Photography can capture this magic - the majesty and heart of the steed - the soul and commitment of the rider - the bond of trust embedded within the spirit of both. Images, memories frozen in time to become the legacy of this special partnership.

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“There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse.”

                                                                    Robert Smith Surtees

The bond between the horse and rider has been described as egalitarian. In simpler terms, a relationship where the rider learns to adapt to and accommodate for their horse as much as the horse learns to obey commands. 


It's a Partnership.

The Offer

$250 for one horse

$125 for each additional horse in the barn (invite your neighbors)


  • 20-30 edited/finished mages per horse

  • Each pose delivered in both color & black/white 

  • Poses can be horse alone, horse and rider, or rider alone (any combinations)

  • Images can be black background or natural background or combination

  • Images delivered via Google Drive or USB stick

  • All images delivered "clean" (no watermarks, logos, etc.)

  • Rights release provided for printing at your choice of printers and/or publishing

  • Travel Fee may apply varying by distance (covering AZ, NM. CO)

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